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Sunday, 6 December 2015 • 13:31 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum elo c: Guess what I'm gonna say today? Sorry to say that I'm not gonna talk about my friends yet (tak sampai lagi idea hahah) Yall must be wondering "what's mud?" "is that a pet?" "is that some sort of food?" Nah uh uh, all of your guesses are wrong. Any of you have thought about Mat Luthfi? If yes, then congrats. You know me well enough heh. You didn't see that coming, eh? What I'm gonna say about him? Well, he's eccentric (a complicated word for 'weird')  in a good way. I never know him, until one day on a year ago, (tbh I couldn't eactly remember when it was lel) I watched some of his videos and I became addicted to watch more and I've watched all of his videos in 3 days straight hahahah (believe it or not, its up to you). I couldn't help but to wonder like where in the earth did he get the brilliant ideas to produce an entertaining vlog???? My fav video of his is BOB hahhaha that's so relatable but Sebelah Sayap is the best bcs he breaks the prejudice of community towards alcoholic person and also gives hope for alcoholics that they can actually quit relying on alcohol in their life. It's not a religious issue, but it's a global issue that people should stop blaming just the alcoholic himself. I adore him so much for his resilient as he studies abroad, and literally, how he manages to handle obstacles in his life. K dah habis haha nak pi makan bye

Assalamualaikum and don't forget to smile bcs you look prettier with smile on your face :)

" I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck "


" Change with yours "


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