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Assalamualaikum :D

So, this is the most awaiting moment for you guys. Drum roll please!! *tratatatatata* Soooooo I'm gonna start my appreciation post to all my classmates yeayyyy!! Hmmmm, nak mula dari siapa ehhh. Alright, this girl is the most quiet person I've ever met in my life. She's probably the person I've befriended the longest in 3KAA. Klu dah ada dekat tajuk, if you get me ;) Yeahhh tak lain tak bukan, biskut maryyyy!! Nama diberi Siti Maryam Aqilah. I've known her since 2010 (takde ah lama sangat pon lel). Well, masa darjah 5 tak rapat sangat pon dengan dia (bcs at this time I berkepit dgn my bff lagi heh) like in the end of the year baru kenal gitew hehe. She's one unique friend bcs she's soooo very da in love with anything mysterious. Loves to investigate for Detective Conan is her fav cartoon woot woot!! Sometimes can be cocky but hAh she's toooo humble in class despite she often dominates the Top 5 position in class. Dengar cerita since she has moved to SHAMS lagi menjadi-jadi lel. She may looks demure ((gaya gadis melayu terakhir gituw hahahah ew)) but once you know her, heh. Has a fragile heart but never shows it. She aimed for a successful detective one day. Thank you so much, Maryam, for being with me when I'm in need. They say "a friend in need is a friend indeed". They're right. Thank you for always being strong though you once broke down. Well, everyone has broke down at least once. We might not have been that close, but I just wish that you won't forget me, and us in 5KAA. I hope you'll pursue your dream and never give up, I know you won't ;)

" I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck "


" Change with yours "


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