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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 • 19:32 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum haiii :)

pergh lama jugak aku tinggal blog ni ek hahaha ok so I'm gonna continue today with another appreciation post to my friends hm can u guess who it is?? Yeaaa I know what you're thinking (for those who saw the topic for my post today and knows what I mean heh). Here comes my most hatred beloved friend of mine called Maizatul Aqma. Dia ni macam ade kuasa veto sikit sebab bila dia bersuara, semua menurut perintah muahahhah. A very dedicated person for she never neglects her responsibility. Kpop used to bond us together, well you know what I mean. Kami ni bukan la the most inspiring friends yang selalu dijadikan friendship goals gitu sebab we quarrel like most of the time hahahhah nobody dares to mess with her unless you're her mum hahahh k merepek. Everyone who doesnt know her takut nak bercakap dengan empunya diri bcs she looks so garang, but for us, she is the weirdest person in the universe sebab depa ni ada 2 perangai; 1. mood swings 24/7 2. otak weng 24/7 hahhahahhah k tak lawak booo *self-booing* Ok where are we? oh right, instead of making this an appreciation post for her, I'll make this an apology post lol why? Sebab dia la org yg aku paling banyak buat dosa. hmmm. I'm sorry for 3 reasons; First: for keeping up with my ego though i know i'm the wrong one when we're fighting. Second: for neglecting you when you need me the most (cewah perasan je lebih) And lastly: for hurting you either physically or mentally (mcm dera org pulak hAh) sama ada sengaja mahupun tak. Maaf ye, jujur ni. Kau tengok muka ni >:-( lel nak buat muka serious tak jadi lak kfoine. Terima kasih sebab selalu marah aku bila aku naik lemak hahhahah sometimes I can be pretty dumb, I admit. Terima kasih sebab teman aku bila aku tak siap hw or tak bawak buku lel. And.... thanks a lot for everything you gave me, walaupun aku tak pernah balas balik jasa baik kau (huhu rasa bersalah pulak) Thank you for never leave me alone. Hopefully I can pay u back for everything you gave me. Kbaiii assalamualaikum jangan lupa aku tau moi!! Ciao :P

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Assalamualaikum :D

So, this is the most awaiting moment for you guys. Drum roll please!! *tratatatatata* Soooooo I'm gonna start my appreciation post to all my classmates yeayyyy!! Hmmmm, nak mula dari siapa ehhh. Alright, this girl is the most quiet person I've ever met in my life. She's probably the person I've befriended the longest in 3KAA. Klu dah ada dekat tajuk, if you get me ;) Yeahhh tak lain tak bukan, biskut maryyyy!! Nama diberi Siti Maryam Aqilah. I've known her since 2010 (takde ah lama sangat pon lel). Well, masa darjah 5 tak rapat sangat pon dengan dia (bcs at this time I berkepit dgn my bff lagi heh) like in the end of the year baru kenal gitew hehe. She's one unique friend bcs she's soooo very da in love with anything mysterious. Loves to investigate for Detective Conan is her fav cartoon woot woot!! Sometimes can be cocky but hAh she's toooo humble in class despite she often dominates the Top 5 position in class. Dengar cerita since she has moved to SHAMS lagi menjadi-jadi lel. She may looks demure ((gaya gadis melayu terakhir gituw hahahah ew)) but once you know her, heh. Has a fragile heart but never shows it. She aimed for a successful detective one day. Thank you so much, Maryam, for being with me when I'm in need. They say "a friend in need is a friend indeed". They're right. Thank you for always being strong though you once broke down. Well, everyone has broke down at least once. We might not have been that close, but I just wish that you won't forget me, and us in 5KAA. I hope you'll pursue your dream and never give up, I know you won't ;)

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Assalamualaikum elo c: Guess what I'm gonna say today? Sorry to say that I'm not gonna talk about my friends yet (tak sampai lagi idea hahah) Yall must be wondering "what's mud?" "is that a pet?" "is that some sort of food?" Nah uh uh, all of your guesses are wrong. Any of you have thought about Mat Luthfi? If yes, then congrats. You know me well enough heh. You didn't see that coming, eh? What I'm gonna say about him? Well, he's eccentric (a complicated word for 'weird')  in a good way. I never know him, until one day on a year ago, (tbh I couldn't eactly remember when it was lel) I watched some of his videos and I became addicted to watch more and I've watched all of his videos in 3 days straight hahahah (believe it or not, its up to you). I couldn't help but to wonder like where in the earth did he get the brilliant ideas to produce an entertaining vlog???? My fav video of his is BOB hahhaha that's so relatable but Sebelah Sayap is the best bcs he breaks the prejudice of community towards alcoholic person and also gives hope for alcoholics that they can actually quit relying on alcohol in their life. It's not a religious issue, but it's a global issue that people should stop blaming just the alcoholic himself. I adore him so much for his resilient as he studies abroad, and literally, how he manages to handle obstacles in his life. K dah habis haha nak pi makan bye

Assalamualaikum and don't forget to smile bcs you look prettier with smile on your face :)

Assalamualaikum c:
Saturday, 5 December 2015 • 20:54 • 0 comments
Aloha haiii I'm backk ewahhh hahahaha finally i've survived an horrific yet important examination in my life, SPM!! ecewah jet jet omputih lak haha sukati den la this is my blog pffft k dah makin mengarut. To be very very honest aku mcm tak caye gak lah like every single day I asked myself, am I already 17? Have I really graduated from high school? Have I really finished my entire 10 years at school? For me, that sounds impossible, really. Rasa mcm baru tahun lepas aku naik form 1. I bet I'm not the only one yang pernah experience this, am I right? Finally!! No more morning wake-ups, no more school uniforms, no more tiring assembles, and the most exciting, NO MORE HOMEWORKS!!! I bet semua lepasan SPM have done an after-spm-to-do-list, kan? Mcm hangout with friends, looking for half-time jobs, and most popular is SLEEP. Eleh tipu la kalau tak pernah buat hAh. However, adik-adik hingusan semua (hah kejam) must've thought yang kitorang ni benar-benar dah free heh itu semua dusta semata-mata. Lepas ni dugaan hidup lagi mencabar, dik. Setakat tak siap hw tu boleh tiru kawan ah (tapi dlm exam jgn meniru lak hahah). Being in school is actually better than being FREE from school, believe me. Korang takkan pernah experience anything like you're at school anymore. Like what I've experienced before which is meeting my frenemies hahaha
this is 3KAA 2013, my partners in crime. they are my sahabats hahah dorang ni la yg sentiasa ada through thick and thin, through ups and downs. they are one in a million, I know I'd never meet anyone like them in my life. and most importantly, they teach me values of life ecewahh ok post ni akan berjela sbb aku nak cerita since form 1 so kalau malas anda boleh je close tab haha. masa form 1, semua baru lagi. ada yg masuk kaa dgn suka rela, ade jugak yg terpaksa. memasing buat puak time tu. and all of us agree yg zaman tu lah paling jahiliah sekali lel. masa form 2, still berpuak, but at least kitorang dah mula bergaul sesama puak lain lols ade budak baru masuk, Hajar dgn Sabrina. Sabrina ni comel lotte je org nye, putih albino haha and kecik mcm hobbit hehe. Hajar pulak dikenali sebagai gengster paling kekwat di sekolah lamanya hahah (jkjk aja dont mad ah). Since form 3, everything had changed. No more puak, we're all united bagai isi dgn kuku haaa dah keluar pepatah melayu aku (tak sia-sia aku guna dlm karangan time spm lel). Boleh kata tu zaman renaissance kitorang la (dahh keluar sejarah pulak hahahaktuih). Masa form 4, Syafiah dgn Bella pulak datang. We've been together for 5 years, well tak semua lah sbb masa form 4 we split up, ade yg pergi sekolah asrama, ada yg keluar kaa, but that doesnt matter. what matters is we keep our ukhuwah until Jannah, insya Allah. 
p/s: stay tuned for the next post its about my life with these weirdos kbai

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