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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 • 19:32 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum haiii :)

pergh lama jugak aku tinggal blog ni ek hahaha ok so I'm gonna continue today with another appreciation post to my friends hm can u guess who it is?? Yeaaa I know what you're thinking (for those who saw the topic for my post today and knows what I mean heh). Here comes my most hatred beloved friend of mine called Maizatul Aqma. Dia ni macam ade kuasa veto sikit sebab bila dia bersuara, semua menurut perintah muahahhah. A very dedicated person for she never neglects her responsibility. Kpop used to bond us together, well you know what I mean. Kami ni bukan la the most inspiring friends yang selalu dijadikan friendship goals gitu sebab we quarrel like most of the time hahahhah nobody dares to mess with her unless you're her mum hahahh k merepek. Everyone who doesnt know her takut nak bercakap dengan empunya diri bcs she looks so garang, but for us, she is the weirdest person in the universe sebab depa ni ada 2 perangai; 1. mood swings 24/7 2. otak weng 24/7 hahhahahhah k tak lawak booo *self-booing* Ok where are we? oh right, instead of making this an appreciation post for her, I'll make this an apology post lol why? Sebab dia la org yg aku paling banyak buat dosa. hmmm. I'm sorry for 3 reasons; First: for keeping up with my ego though i know i'm the wrong one when we're fighting. Second: for neglecting you when you need me the most (cewah perasan je lebih) And lastly: for hurting you either physically or mentally (mcm dera org pulak hAh) sama ada sengaja mahupun tak. Maaf ye, jujur ni. Kau tengok muka ni >:-( lel nak buat muka serious tak jadi lak kfoine. Terima kasih sebab selalu marah aku bila aku naik lemak hahhahah sometimes I can be pretty dumb, I admit. Terima kasih sebab teman aku bila aku tak siap hw or tak bawak buku lel. And.... thanks a lot for everything you gave me, walaupun aku tak pernah balas balik jasa baik kau (huhu rasa bersalah pulak) Thank you for never leave me alone. Hopefully I can pay u back for everything you gave me. Kbaiii assalamualaikum jangan lupa aku tau moi!! Ciao :P

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